2014 Rich Taskowitz - Vince Berardi- Vini Maddog Lopez-Jon Brice- John Mulrenan

2015 Paul D'Aula- Joe McMahon- Vince Berardi

2012 Vini Maddog Lopez - Vince Berardi - Jon Brice

2017 Jerry Murphy-Jimmy Mallon- Jon Hausburg

2010 Vince Berardi - Vini Maddog Lopez & Ed Piersanti

2011 Jeff Gray- Vini Maddog Lopez & Vince Berardi

2011 Vince Berardi

2014 John Mulrenan -Vince Berardi-Paul D'Aula-Mike Macara


2014 John Mulrenan -Paul D'Aula-Mike Macara-V Berardi

​​​​​​​​​​​​​License To Chill was formed in New Jersey by Vince Berardi in 2010 with Rock & Roll Hall of fame drummer & founding member of the E Street band Vini Maddog Lopez. On bass was Ed Piersanti who played in Steel Mill Retro. The concept was to have a fun trop rock band that rocked! The band later evolved with Jon Sebastian Brice replacing Jeff Gray on Bass . Other members included John Mulrenan from Long John Baldry - Hudson County & original member of Lord Gunner on keyboards . Richie Taskowitz (TAZ ) was on saxophone. In the coarse of this bands timeline two CD's were released- Moon Motel (2012) & Asbury Parked (2014) available on iTunes . Both produced and engineered by John Mulrenan at Acorn Digital Studios Howell, N.J . 

In 2014 Venice Florida became a second home to Vince Berardi where he became friends with local musician & drummer Jimmy Mallon . With all good intentions they collaborated their efforts in starting a local cover band using the band name License To Chill. Unfortunately, Due to much uncertainty LTC in N.J. could not remain in tack with it's original members .

Several months later Vince Berardi had returned to New Jersey and formed a new LTC band. On drums the late Michael Micara who toured and recorded with Gary U.S. Bonds & Paul D'Aula on Bass and then followed by Drummer Joe McMahon & Mike Polaro.  As years passed many original members returned to play in the N.J. band .  In Florida License To Chill continued to perform with Vince Berardi sitting in several times a year. 

Original members of the Florida License To Chill include Jerry Murphy on Guitar & Jon Hausburg on Bass & band leader Jimmy Mallon who has relocated to St Augustine Fl.

Since 2010 License To Chill has been successfully performing shows in both New Jersey and Florida. 

In 2017 & 2018 The Vince Berardi Band was formed with Drummer Jim Vallone & long time friend - bassist Tony Rohal . This band is still performing at select times of the year in N.J. Look for our N.J. Schedule at www.VinceBerardi.com 

Today you can see License To Chill in Venice Florida with Vince Berardi vocals/guitar. Look for new CD & will be performing at popular Venice Fl venues like Sharky's on the Pier - The Paradise Grill & The Sand Bar.

2016 Jon Brice-John Mulrenan-Joe McMahon-TAZ-V Berardi &                                                                               Timmy Mulholand

2016 Vince Berardi & Jimmy Mallon

2013 Jon Brice - John Mulrenan- Vince Berardi- TAZ- Vini Maddog Lopez