2012 Vini Maddog Lopez - Vince Berardi - Jon Brice

2014 John Mulrenan -Vince Berardi-Paul D'Aula-Mike Macara

Pete Robertson - Shawn DoLittle - Vince Berardi - Vince Adessa

2011 Vince Berardi

2016 Jon Brice-John Mulrenan-Joe McMahon-TAZ-V Berardi &                                                                               Timmy Mulholand

2011 Jeff Gray- Vini Maddog Lopez & Vince Berardi

2013 Jon Brice - John Mulrenan- Vince Berardi- TAZ- Vini Maddog Lopez

2015 Paul D'Aula- Joe McMahon- Vince Berardi

2019 Greg Voorhees - Vince Berardi- Jeff Thal


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​License To Chill was founded in New Jersey by Vince Berardi in 2010 with Rock & Roll Hall of fame drummer & original member of the E Street band Vini Maddog Lopez. On bass was Ed Piersanti. The concept was to have a fun trop rock band that rocked! The band later evolved with Jon Sebastian Brice replacing Jeff Gray on Bass . Other members included John Mulrenan & Richie Taskowitz (TAZ) was on saxophone. In the coarse of this bands timeline two CD's were released- Moon Motel (2012) & Asbury Parked (2014) available on iTunes . Both produced and engineered by John Mulrenan at Acorn Digital Studios Howell, N.J . 

Several years later the band changed many members and then became Florida based . Today License To Chill is performing mostly in Florida with summer dates in New Jersey.

2010 Vince Berardi - Vini Maddog Lopez & Ed Piersanti

2014 John Mulrenan -Paul D'Aula-Mike Macara-V Berardi

Vince Berardi & Rick Andre in the License 2 Chill Steel Drum Acoustic Duo

2017 Jerry Murphy-Jimmy Mallon- Jon Hausburg

2016 Vince Berardi & Jimmy Mallon

License To Chill 2020 

2014 Rich Taskowitz - Vince Berardi- Vini Maddog Lopez-Jon Brice- John Mulrenan